LDA Mission Statement

To promote the protection and enhancement of Detroit Lake


Some Important Events in Lake History

1846 – Woods Trail Section of Red River Oxcart Trail

1870 – Official Survey of Detroit and Lakeview Townships; about 150 persons live in vicinity of area to become Detroit

1871 - Northern Pacific Railway is completed to Detroit (then called Tylertown).

1872 – Detroit Townsite Platted, straddling Northern Pacific Railroad; little access to Detroit Lake  

1880 – St. Louis Club Rod and Gun Club (aka St. Louis Club, (AKA Smithville, and The Clubhouse).   

1888 – Pelican River Navigation Company begins service from Detroit Dock to Shoreham; channel cut through sandbar

1890 –Area population exceeds 2000

1898 – Breezy Point Plat Filed (lots on either side of Allen’s Point).   

1905 – Summit, Lake, and Washington are connected to Lake Boulevard (now West Lake Drive)

1907 – City Park purchased (12 acres along Washington Avenue and fronting Little Detroit);   land had previously belonged to city, but sold to developer for hotel construction.   Hotel burned before completion.   

1911 – City plat shows Lakeshore Boulevard;   Starting before 1911, and continuing to 1950, city’s water supply is taken from Little Detroit Lake;   area population exceeds 4000

1915 - Pavilion Opens. 

1916 - Detroit Lakes Country Club developed   

1918 – Lake St. Clair drained because of accumulation of sewage odors near downtown Detroit; Pelican River Navigation Company ceases operations.    

1926 – Detroit renamed Detroit Lakes;   Washington Avenue and West Lake Drive are paved routes carrying both Highway 59 and 34; stormwater from these pavements is drained to lake.    

1929 – First Detroit Lakes sewage treatment plant constructed; Minnesota, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Madison connected to Lake Blvd.

1930 – Area population exceeds 5000

1935 – WPA begins work on park’s tennis courts and baseball diamond; city builds small dam at Little Detroit outlet to prevent sewage discharged to Pelican River from backing up into the lake.    

1935/36 – East Lake Drive (later called North Shore Drive) extended across Pelican River to Hwy 10;   Cottages at Edgewater built

1937 – Dunton Locks and dam rebuilt by WPA

1938 - City moved Lake Boulevard (also known as East Lake Drive, now North Shore Drive) northward from next to the Pavilion to present location

1940 – Area population exceeds 7500

1941 - City’s sewage treatment plant improved – sewage discharged into a ditch to Pelican River 

1943 -- Serious ice damage along north shores of Detroit Lake

1944 - Detroit Lakes Property Owners Association established (LDA predecessor)

1945 – “Green days” (algae blooms) observed

1948 - East Lake Drive (now North Shore Drive) is paved

1949 - DLPOA Ends, LDA begins

1950 – Area population exceeds 8000