LDA Mission Statement

To promote the protection and enhancement of Detroit Lake


Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) is a concern not only for lake dwellers, but for all. The LDA wants to provide pertinent and shareable information to help decrease and even stop the spread of this issue. Please utilize the following information to learn more about AIS and what you can do to play a role in stopping the spread.

AIS Identification Guide (Provided by the University of Minnesota)

Aquatic Invasive Species

Detroit and Curfman are infested with AIS species Curly-leafed Pondweed,  Flowering Rush,  Zebra Mussels, and Mystery Snails.    Because of the large number of boats that enter the lakes,  and other factors,  the lakes are at some significant risk for additional infestations.  

The DNR website provides a introduction to the topic, including local contacts,  plus links to AIS Identification guides, a current infested water list,  laws and regulations, and the State’s Advisory Committee.   https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/invasives/ais/index.html

Becker County Soil and Water Conservation District receives funds from the State to administer a local AIS prevention and treatment program.  Details of the services available,  including boat decontamination schedules and the AIS inspection program, can be found at:   Invasive Plant Program (becker.mn.us).   

Guide to Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic Invasive Species

Please refer to the Guide to Aquatic Invasive Species at the MN DNR website or use the following links. 

Laws on AIS

Minnesota has several state laws intended to minimize the introduction and spread of invasive species of wild animal and aquatic plants in the state. Using a four-tiered system, invasive species are classified as prohibited, regulated, unregulated nonnative species, or are unclassified and remain as unlisted nonnative species.

LEARN MORE about Minnesota Invasive Species Laws at the MN Department of Natural Resources website.


Outreach Materials

Materials to Help Share Information About AIS

Outreach materials are provided to help organizations and individuals promote aquatic invasive species (AIS) prevention activities in their communities. The DNR’s Invasive Species Program provides printed materials and design files, as well as providing review of AIS materials created by other organizations.

Please refer to THIS PAGE at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to get great materials to help in the fight against AIS.


Contact An Expert

Working Together To Defeat AIS

Aquatic invasive species specialists

Contact the individual in your region if you have questions on invasive species identification and management, purple loosestrife management and biocontrol, or prevention activities.

Visit the Contact An Expert page at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to get help with AIS.


AIS Advisory Committee

Aquatic Invasive Species Advisory Committee

The Statewide Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Advisory Committee advises the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on its Aquatic Invasive Species Program. The 15 members and five ex-officio members bring a range of personal and professional experience to the discussion on preventing the spread of invasive plants and animals in our lakes, rivers, and wetlands. The Committee was appointed by DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr in December 2012 to help the DNR maintain strong relationships with AIS stakeholders.

Visit the Aquatic Invasive Species Advisory Committee page at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website to learn more.