LDA Mission Statement

To promote the protection and enhancement of Detroit Lake


The LDA web site is a resource for sharing of information for Lake Detroiters Association members and provides compelling reasons for non-members to join. This web site is also a communication tool providing a conduit for information exchange with the greater lakes area community in support of our common mission. The “quality of life” that we as homeowners and residents of the Detroit Lakes area enjoy depends upon “the protection and enhancement of Detroit Lake”. The success we have in maintaining this “quality of life” goes hand in hand with the strength of our LDA membership! At present, over 50% of property owners on Detroit Lake belong to Lake Detroiters. The LDA Board of Directors is committed to increasing this number closer to 100%. If you are a current LDA member, thank you for your support. If you are not a member we ask that you join our efforts to effectively address the serious threats which our lake faces, the most critical of which is Aquatic Invasive Species. JOIN NOW Welcome Aboard!

LDA Mission Statement

“To promote the protection and enhancement of Detroit Lake”

Lake Detroiters Association (LDA) represents members who are both lakeshore and community area property owners. LDA’s mission is “to promote the protection and enhancement of Detroit Lake.” The association works as a constructive and collaborative advocate, through its members, and with other similarly interested organizations and government agencies, to advance understanding and behaviors of users directed toward protecting this natural asset.

LDA members understand the lake is a public asset whose use has been and will continue to be enjoyed by a wide and diverse population for rich menu of enjoyment and high quality of life. We are joined with common interest and concern for continuing lake quality. LDA’s members understand that lake quality is directly related to multiple levels and types of life quality in the region.

Detroit Lake provides innumerable kinds of value to all who live near in or visit it, from yearlong residents to recreational users to sport fishing interests.

LDA members work to raise concern and care around support for solutions to manage AIS.  Flowering rush (FR) is an immediate and present concern. It affects pleasure and value of use and likely negatively impacts property values if not controlled and attractiveness of future investments in property on and near the lake.  Zebra Mussels looms as a very nearby threat that could severely impact the natural eco-system of lake. LDA supported the food and beverage tax increase to support increased research into management of FR.

LDA emphasizes a need for unshackling local advocates from questionably valuable restrictions, constraints and regulations so that increased local action can be implemented to manage AIS. Local custodianship is the most powerful kind.